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Sterowanie temperaturą

Temperature control

Temperature is a key parameter: it is crucial to avoid any temperature rise during the products transformation to preserve their organoleptic and hygienic properties.

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Air Liquide has developed the Bottom Injection system that allows you to control temperature and fully control the food processing process. It involves the injection if liquide nitrogen or carbon dioxide using CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 dosing nozzles directly into a grinding, mixing or mixing device. 


  • preserve of microbiological specification of food, 
  • reduce the temperature rise during mixing, cutting or shaping,
  • a customized monitoring program,
  • a competitive chilling cost,
  • process optimization.
Kontrola temperatury
Temperature control

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CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 nozzles allow for:

  • quick and precise chilling or freezing,
  • constant temperature during processing,
  • maximum utilization of cryogen.

CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 nozzles combined with a dedicated CONTROL UNIT-M panel ensure:

  • reduced mixing time,
  • precise control of cryogen consumption,
  • better product quality.