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Gazy techniczne - skid tank

Skid tank

Compact bulk supply solution for medium gas consumption.

Gazy techniczne - skid tank
Skid tank

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Skid tank is a compact liquid storage tank with easy and quick installation – no need for foundation connected to the ground and obtaining permits:

  • integrated storage and supply system:
    – cryogenic vessel,
    – ambient vaporizer,
    – skid serves as foundation
  • less than 4m2 footprint (+ fence) for 3 000 L capacity; 4.75m2 footprint (+ fence) for 5 000 L capacity,
  • available for air gases: nitrogen, argon, and oxygen,
  • compatible with Air Liquide Dynamic On-site Mixer.

Skid tank is the best–fit solution:

  • for medium gas consumption from 400 to 6 000 Nm3/month,
  • 3 000 L and 5 000 L storage capacity,
  • operating pressure from 1 to 30 barg,
  • normal flow rate up to 100 Nm3/h, at 8 hours a day,
  • gaseous or cryogenic liquid usage,
  • for Air Liquide premium offers (LASAL™ARCAL™ALPHAGAZ™ALIGAL™FLAMAL™).