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Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology


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Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Air Liquide’s safe and reliable high-purity gas solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries help enable compliance with the most stringent quality and regulatory requirements in a cost effective way. Consumer safety is a key focus for the industry, and stringent regulations result in strict quality assurance, mandatory traceability and process control requirements.

In order to meet these requirements, Air Liquide supplies reliable, high purity pharmaceutical, industrial and specialty gases, and works to ensure safety in gas delivery and gas handling methods. Our advanced expertise in temperature control, inerting and cryopreservation applications enables us to supply innovative and customized solutions to the entire supply chain, from research and development laboratories and raw materials manufacturers to active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturers and bio/pharmaceutical companies. In a highly complex and regulated environment, we work closely with our bio/pharmaceutical customers to understand and satisfy your quality requirements.

A wide range of pharmaceutical and GMP excipients (ICH Q7) as well as laboratory and cryobiology equipment are available from Air Liquide in order to further complement our offer to the biopharmaceutical and life science industries.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

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Why choose us?

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    Customizable solutions

    Our advanced expertise in temperature control, inerting and gas-liquid mixing applications enable us to supply innovative and customized solutions to the entire supply chain.

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    Engineering support

    You can count on the expertise of our engineers to help design the gas installation and supply mode that best fits your needs.

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    Due to the complexity of your work and the strict regulatory environment, we will work closely with you to understand and meet your quality and compliance requirements through quality assurance, traceability and process control.