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Electronics manufacturing

Currently, oxidation reaction, poor wettability and high peak temperature during soldering of printed circuit boards create harm to electronic solder joints. To offset these effects, using nitrogen to inert the atmosphere during soldering has become a globally accepted practice within electronics manufacturing.

Adapting to a fast-evolving market

To stay competitive in today’s market of electronics manufacturing, manufacturers must keep pace with evolving technologies, while reducing costs and navigating the latest regulations. Air Liquide has supported electronics manufacturing actors since the 1990s, with solutions for every step of their processes from assembly through testing, storage and cleaning. Gas supply modes include bulk deliveries, cylinders and on-site production technologies.

Core expertise in assembly

Assembly is the focused core process. In this regard we offer solutions to achieve controlled nitrogen atmospheres, thereby reducing the negative effects of oxidation for wave or reflow soldering. Our offer includes:

  • Nexelia™ for Wave Soldering: a solution dedicated to the wave soldering process, it includes patented customized application equipment, right inert gas supply and the support of our worldwide experts.
  • Nexelia™ for Reflow Soldering: a solution dedicated to reflow soldering process: it involves deep-level inspection and diagnostics to understand the customer’s assembly processes and propose a tailored solution to improve them.
  • ECO CHILLER: an automated exchange equipment which recycles the cold generated by gas vaporization back into your cooling system.
  • ECO DRY CABINET: a patented solution for long- or short-term storage of electronic components and elements sensitive to humidity, oxygen or air pollutants. 

The experts' offer

Air Liquide brings you innovative total solutions anywhere in the world, thanks to its completely dedicated teams: more than 1.500 professionals, including 70 researchers and 600 full-time staff, have been sent on continuous process into customers' sites.
Whether you need technology support, start-up assistance to optimize your process, our team of experienced industry specialists and scientists helps you optimize gas usage and increase the related benefits.
We carry out technology development for the electronic components & products industry worldwide at our research centers and through a network of applied technological centers.

Why choose us?

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    World-class expertise

    As a global company with an international network of experts that specialize in assembly processes for electronic components, Air Liquide is ready to support your development and innovation.

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    Adapted solutions

    Following tests carried out on numerous sites, we can provide you with the solution adapted to your needs.

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    Safety and reliability

    Rely on us to provide safe, efficient and reliable guidance for selecting the right products to your operations.