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Air Liquide oferuje gazy spożywcze dla takich aplikacji jak: zamrażanie, schładzanie, pakowanie w atmosferze ochronnej MAP i wielu innych.

Meat / Poultry / Delicatessen

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We encourage you to read the article "Meat products packaged in Modified Atmosphere Packaging" (in Polish) by Katarzyna Bigos, Food & Pharma Business Development Leader, Air Liquide Polska.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) 

Controlling the atmosphere around a food product is key to extending product shelf life and maintaining an attractive customer presentation.

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Animal stunning

Stunning is a process of putting animals (poultry, pigs, cows) down prior to further processing.

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During food processing, a rapid cooling of products allows an increased productivity and a compliance with hygiene and quality standards.

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The properties of cryogenic fluids (high refrigeration capacity, low temperature) allow the product to be very rapidly “frozen”.

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Crust freezing

Crust freezing is applied either to boost mechanical freezers, preserve shapes, prevent water losses or obtain an efficient slicing.

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Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) 

The IQF production consists in crusting and freezing in line small, fragile and individual products.

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People prefer more and more ready to eat and fresh products with long shelf life. Because of this new need, pre-packed products are promoted.

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Sauce coating

You make innovative and individual portions? With the cryogenic sauce coating, you can freeze them quickly and individually.

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Reduction of the Campylobacter bacteria

Tunnels for cooling poultry bodies are used to reduce Campylobacter bacteria.

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Temperature control

Temperature is a key parameter: it is crucial to avoid any temperature rise during the products transformation to preserve their properties.

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Cold transportation

Transport of chilled and frozen food products without breaking the “cold chain”.

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Wastewater treatment

Innovative and successful technologies for the respect for the environment.

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Air Liquide's offer for the meat and poultry industries includes food gases as well as technologies, equipment and services for the following applications: Modified Atmosphere Packaging (to eliminate or reduce any product deterioration), animal stunning (poultry, pigs, cows) before slaughtering, chilling (preserving the natural quality, flavour and colour of meat and poultry), cryogenic freezing (long-term preservation of meat products while maintaining their quality and preventing water losses), crust freezing (to increase the slicing efficiency), IQF Individual Quick Freezing of small, fragile or sticky products, sauce coating, reduction of the Campylobacter bacteria on chicken body, temperature control (to avoid any temperature rise) during mixing, mincing or blending, cold transportation without breaking the cold chain (during processes in the production plant and during transport).