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Air Liquide w Polsce oferuje gazy specjalne do zastosowań laboratoryjnych i analitycznych.

ALPHAGAZ™ mixtures

The premium solution for instrumentation and calibration gases

Air Liquide offers a wide range of speciality mixtures suitable to individual needs of measurement services and calibration laboratories, as well as research and development centers.

Certyfikowane Materiały Odniesienia

Our offer includes:

  • Certified Reference Materials according to ISO 17034 standard,
  • Gas Reference Materials,
  • instrumentation mixtures (eg. FID method fuel, so-called counter gas etc.),
  • precision multicomponent mixtures (up to 40 components in a single cylinder),
  • mixtures with the required concentrations of components from % to ppb,
  • high-precision mixtures with an expanded uncertainty of up to 0.5%.

Air Liquide, a leading producer of specialty gases, was the first in Poland to implement the requirements for manufacturers of Certified Reference Materials, according to ISO 17034 standard. 

Currently, Air Liquide produces CRM mixtures for testing and measuring pollutants and exhaust emissions as well as liquid and gaseous fuels.


You would like to increase your productivity, simplify the management of your gas supplies and improve the yield of your process or production sites. At the same time, you have to meet higher safety standards in order to conform to regulations and address environmental demands. Air Liquide has a full spectrum of services to meet your needs.


Air Liquide offers a full range of equipment for the handling of pure gases (up to N60: 99.9999%) and mixtures. Your applications and related gas specifications are extremely important. Proper selection and assembly of your equipment can preserve the integrity of your gas analysis results.