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Air Liquide oferuje gazy spożywcze dla takich aplikacji jak: zamrażanie, schładzanie, inertyzacja, pakowanie w atmosferze ochronnej MAP i wielu innych.

Liquid nitrogen - ALIGAL™ 1


As an inert gas, nitrogen is very commonly used in contact with foodstuffs to avoid oxidation. Liquefied, it is the most used cryogenic fluid, to chill, freeze or store products.


At our plant, quality is assured by continuous on-line process analysis and individual analysis of every tanker both before and after filling.

Production & distribution

Nitrogen, N2, comprises 78% of the earth's atmosphere. Commercially available liquid nitrogen is made in large cryogenic air separation plants, where normal atmospheric air is cleaned, compressed and cooled by expansion to create liquefied air which is subsequently separated by fractional distillation at cryogenic temperatures.
Liquid nitrogen is stored and transported in special vacuum-insulated tanks and tankers at temperatures in the range -196°C to -155°C and corresponding pressures ranging from atmospheric to about 20 bar.
Tanks and tankers have no refrigeration systems to maintain the internal temperature, hence heat ingress may cause the liquid to boil and increase the pressure in the tank. Automatic systems vent any excess pressure. Generally, liquid nitrogen is transported cold at a low pressure. Customers' tanks may be low or high pressure, depending on the application. Cryogenic users have low pressure tanks (5 bar or less) and companies using nitrogen as a gas tend to have higher pressure tanks (up to 20 bar).


  • refrigerant: N2
  • temperature: -196°C
  • storage: liquid at 1.5 bar
  • use: liquid or gaseous
  • latent heat: 198.4 kJ/kg (vaporization)
  • specific heat of gas: 1.04 kJ/(kg.°C)

Gaseous nitrogen is …

  • tasteless, odourless, colourless,
  • non-flammable and chemically inert except at very high temperatures,
  • only slightly soluble in water.

Liquid nitrogen …

  • can exist as a liquid at atmospheric pressure and - 196°C,
  • absorbs a lot of heat when it vaporizes - as much as 420 kJ per kg in an efficient system,
  • has a very high heat transfer rate because of its extremely low temperature.

Application equipment

Our standard cryogenic equipment can be used in a polyvalent and flexible way in your production.


You would like to increase your productivity, simplify the management of your gas supplies and improve the yield of your process or production sites. At the same time, you have to meet higher safety standards in order to conform to regulations and address environmental demands. Air Liquide has a full spectrum of services to meet your needs.