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szafa mroźnicza, szafa kriogeniczna


Freezing cabinet: economic, simple, ideal to start in cryogenics.

Control the cold, using cryogenic cooling or freezing cabinets, operating with controlled injection of cryogenic fluids: liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide (LCO2).

Freezing cabinets are characterized by:

  • process flexibility (cooling or freezing),
  • a simple operating system,
  • small size,
  • minimum investment,
  • treatment of all kinds of products.

This is due to the fact that their design incorporates the latest techniques for cold application. freezing cabinets are submitted to strict quality control in the course of the manufacturing process.

Freezing cabinets provide a broad range of sizes for large and small capacities, adapting itself to the market's growing needs. This allows us to offer at present a broad range of standard products which can respond to a variety of applications. Moreover, if you have specific needs, we are completely at your disposal and most willing to prepare our cabinet products "à la carte".


szafa mroźnicza, szafa kriogeniczna

Hi-level features of cryogenics cabinets

Freezing cabinet is a forced convection cooling or freezing cabinet, which uses an injected cryogenic fluid, dispersed by three turbines. The fluid can be liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide (LCO2). Both versions offer high-power, instantaneous refrigeration, available at all times.

Freezning cabinet is entirely made of stainless steel, guarantees the utmost maintenance of product quality and assures reliable and long-lasting operation.

Freezing cabinet's powerful cryogenic fluid refrigerates or freezes food in a discontinuous manner, ensuring adherence to the strictest norms. These cabinets is specially appreciated by professionals who prepare meat, fish, pasta, fruit, vegetables,…, and pre-cooked food.

Freezing cabinet