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Inertyzacja zbiorników


Tank inerting system

A dynamic gas-injection device designed by Air Liquide, the TANK INERTING SYSTEM is well-suited to inert tanks, silos, vessels and reactors with great ease and precision. This intelligent system is able to effectively control and maintain the injection of inert gas as a function of pressure.

The standard version of a TANK INERTING SYSTEM is made up of:

  • an electronic control module,
  • a pressure transmitter,
  • an inlet and a venting system, both consisting of a throttle valve
  • and a controlled pneumatic solenoid valve.

Choose from two TANK INERTING SYSTEM configurations offered by Air Liquide:

  • TANK INERTING SYSTEM-VE is an electronic unit to control one or two inerting processes,
  • TANK INERTING SYSTEM-VEM is suitable for inerting up to 60 tanks using electronic offset units connected to one master control unit.


  • safety and reliability,
  • continuous pressure control,
  • dual blanketing and purging,
  • multi-tank monitoring.