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smartop, gazy techniczne w butlach, butle, gazy techniczne sprężone


One look, one touch … so easy!

SMARTOP™ is Air Liquide's smart and unique residual pressure valve that simplifies gas handling and improves safety. It is equipped with double on-off levers and a permanent pressure gauge, allowing you to check the content of your cylinder anytime.

smartop, gazy techniczne w butlach, butle, gazy techniczne sprężone

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SMARTOP™ - is an exclusive and ergonomic cylinder valve making the handling easier. Its structure ensures safety, comfort and efficiency:

  • on/off levers enables the quick shut-off of the gas in the emergency situation and eliminates the risk of incomplete closure of the valve,
  • by simply moving the lever, you can quickly open and close the cylinder valve, what is a time saving compared to standard valve operation,
  • double action opening for additional safety: progressive opening provides reduced flow and the cylinder is open gently, so that connected equipment is not damaged by a sudden high pressure surge,
  • low flow lever to allow for fast and easy purge,
  • integrated flow limitation guarantees safe opening at high pressure and assures additional protection in case of accidental opening of the cylinder valve,
  • SMARTOP™ is equipped with the Residual Pressure Valve and Non-Return Valve that prevent contamination due to atmospheric backflow,
  • built-in pressure gauge provides visual indication of the gas volume,
  • an ergonomic metallic cap ensures comfort and security.


butla gazowa, zawór, zawór do butli gazowych

SMARTOP™: smart, simple, unique!

SMARTOP™ is available with ALPHAGAZ™ brand specialty pure gases and ARCAL™ brand industrial gases, and works perfectly with all single and two-stage gas pressure regulators from Air Liquide.