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Trust in performance

EXELTOP™ is advanced built-in regulator with an on/off lever. The most easy to use cylinders and valves of the market, offering always more safety, ergonomics, savings and performance.


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With EXELTOP™ you focus on your own performance and work safely.
It combines Air Liquide’s best technologies and expertise in an advanced built-in regulator.

See a tutorial video on the use of EXELTOP™ (in Polish).



Save time:

  • ready to use due to the two-stage built-in regulator (no need to replace the regulator or use tools), 
  • allows quick connection in one action to welding equipment (or other systems) and get to work.


  • ergonomic and shock-absorbing cap (permanent, reliable protection for the valve and regulator),
  • on/off lever allows immediate emergency cut-off,
  • verification if valve is in the „open” or „closed” position at a glance,
  • protected valve – no more exposure to high pressure gas flow.

Cylinder management:

  • check content at a glance with the permanent pressure gauge, 
  • get a reading even when flow is stopped,
  • easy identification of empty or full cylinders (at a glance content monitoring).


  • intuitive to use,
  • advanced two-stage built-in regulator,
  • ensures accurate and stable outlet pressure or flow rate,
  • easy setting with a new graduated handwheel.

Save money:

  • no need to use flowmeters or buy a separate regulator (regular checks by Air Liquide),
  • no gas loss thanks to the on/off lever,
  • no gas leaks thanks to integrated regulator (no need for the low-precision assembly of conventional regulators).

With EXELTOP™ focus on your own performance!

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The COMPACT offer

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The COMPACT offer

The COMPACT offer is the best combination of a smaller cylinder (B33), 300 bar technology and EXELTOP™. It is designed to adapt to all your welding needs, making your operation easier and simplifying your daily work.

The advantages of the COMPACT offer for B33 cylinders:

  • a cylinder with the same capacity as a regular B50 cylinder, but over 25% smaller and lighter, 
  • easier to handle, ideal for customers with high mobility needs on construction sites or working at heights,
  • improved ergonomics due to the lower center of gravity and the new EXELTOP™ valve design.

B33 cylinder, the lightest on the market!