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Gazy techniczne - ALTOP


Higher productivity, increased control

ALTOP™ is an integrated system for cylinder containing valve and regulator. This solution saves time, increases safety and makes cylinder handling easier as well as saves gas and regulators.

Gazy techniczne - ALTOP

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ALTOP™ - an innovative solution in the gas cylinder field, developed by Air Liquide, fulfilling needs of the most demanding customers.

Your benefits include:

  • a ready-to-use system for cylinders containing oxygen, acetylene, pure argon and mixtures, saves time with regulator connection,
  • integrates the valve, the regulator and an emergency cut-off system inside a protective cap made of reinforced polyamide; the cap knob makes the cylinder handling easier,
  • regulator is protected against damage and user is no longer forced to replace a damaged regulator,
  • the user no longer handles high pressures: gas is supplied with the required level of pressure/flow rate,
  • ON/OFF lever allows quick cut-off of the gas outflow and prompt verification if valve is in the „open” or „closed” position,
  • allows quick connection in one action,
  • puts an end to wasteful consumption at start-up and gas leaks.


Altop, zintegrowany zawór do butli gazowych

With ALTOP™ streamline your work!