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Oxygen generators

With FLOXAL™, benefit from adapted and upgradeable solutions, which respond to your requirements.

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COMPACT VSA™ (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) generator

The COMPACT VSA™ (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) is a gaseous oxygen generator, which uses a non-cryogenic technology based on nitrogen adsorption through a molecular sieve under pressure variation. The product line proposes a one, two or three adsorber process with production capacity from 30 to 150 t/day O2 and purity up to 94%. An installed oxygen compressor pressurizes oxygen from ambient pressure to the pressure required for the customer's process. The COMPACT VSA™ ensures a safe, reliable and cost effective supply of gaseous oxygen 24-hours-a-day with a back-up system, which provides uninterrupted oxygen in case of a unit shutdown.

This solution offers the following benefits:

  • just-in-time oxygen production on the customer's site,
  • turn-key solution, fully skid-mounted, pre-tested,
  • modular and standardized generator based on a proven state-of-the art technology,
  • high flexibility and Stop and Go' system.
instalacja on-site do produkcji tlenu, generator on-site do produkcji tlenu

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An optimized solution

Air Liquide selects the best technology to meet customer's requirements in terms of flow, purity, pressure and flexibility. We adapt the oxygen supply solution to such site conditions as climate, energy cost, and liquid oxygen back-up system.

Environmental advantages

COMPACT VSA™ can meet very demanding noise requirements using advanced active acoustic insulation. It will reduce environmental impact such as limited truck transportation, and reduction of NOx emissions from fuel furnaces.

Practical advantages and a full service package

Drawing on its worldwide experience, Air Liquide can reduce delivery, installation and start-up times of COMPACT VSA™ to a minimum. We ensure plant maintenance through our experienced technical team and our pool of spare parts. Our exclusive service monitors and supervises the plant remotely, providing the customer with all the process information. COMPACT VSA™ delivers an optimized, flexible oxygen solution without the trouble of managing a plant.