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Gazy techniczne: gazy ciekłe, zbiorniki kriogeniczne, parownice, cysterny

Bulk supply

Air Liquide offers modern and complete installations for safe storage of bulk gases.

Gazy techniczne - zbiorniki kriogeniczne i parownice
Tanks and vaporizers

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Air Liquide produces and liquefies bulk gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) in its own air separation plants located in southern Poland. From large storage tanks, bulk products are delivered in insulated cryogenic trucks to our customers. The transport of gases as liquid allows the transfer and storage of a greater quantity of product at reduced cost.

Air Liquide offers modern installations allowing for liquid gas storage at customers' site. Typical installation, rented to the customer, is composed of a cryogenic tank and one or more ambient vaporizers.

Depending on application, tanks are supplied in a medium pressure design (max. allowable working pressure of 17 bar) or a high pressure design (max. allowable working pressure of 35–37 bar). Tank size and vaporizer type are selected depending on the customer’s gas requirements.

Our storage installations are subject to approval by Air Liquide’s Safety and Risk Management. This implies that the proposed industrial solution is complying both with internal Air Liquide Group safety rules and with regulations imposed by Polish authorities.


Four add-ons available to improve our bulk offer:

Our services - the experts' offer

Air Liquide offers many advanced services improving our customers' performance and cost management. Our services allow our customers to focus on their core activity while providing increased productivity.

MaxiFlo system is recommended for high flows at continuous gas consumption. This system includes a second independent vaporization line, 2 pressure relief valves, 4 manual shut-off valves. With Auto Switch module additionally 2 actuated shut-off valves and control box that runs in time sequence both vaporizer lines. Maxiflo provides the following benefits to customers’ operations:

  • no customer’s daily manipulations required,
  • high operating reliability due to extended sizing,
  • delivering nominal flow up to 24h/day,
  • manage gas flow at harsh winter conditions,
  • system intervention or upgrade (increased gas needs) without flow disruption to the factory,
  • no excessive ice formation on the cores minimizing risk of mechanical stress & leaks while increasing people safety.

Our OPTIMAL system - a remote monitoring and control of customers’ installation - provides with maximum efficiency and reliability, through:

  • automated deliveries grounds of data received from remote monitoring processing unit,
  • continuous monitoring of critical process data,
  • anticipated Air Liquide intervention, if necessary,
  • personalized web access, such as delivery notes, invoices, current status and pressure of the product in the tank.