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Tunel spiralny

Spiral freezer

Compact and powerful, the right choice for higher capacities

Spiral freezer is a high capacity continuous freezer which uses a cryogen (either liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen) to freeze food products. This type of equipment is typically used for freezing baked products, hamburgers or prepared meals by customers in the food industry.

The freezing process

The products to be frozen are placed on a conveyor belt which spirals through the freezer. The cryogen is sprayed horizontally out of vertical headers mounted in the corners of the box.

Since the cold gas flow is not injected directly onto the product, spiral freezers are typically not as effective as straight freezing tunnels. However, they still provide relatively rapid freezing, high process efficiency and continuous production.


kriogeniczny tunel spiralny


  • production rates range from 400 kg/hr to 4500 kg/hr
  • the lowest operating temperature is usually -73°C
Spiral freezer