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Sauce coating

You make innovative and individual portions? With the cryogenic sauce coating, you can freeze them quickly and individually.

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Fried or coated vegetable mixtures, meat, poultry or fish based mixes, paella and chili con carne are very popular prepared meals. With the sauce coating technology, you can produce ready to eat, homogeneously coated, and individual frozen products which match the consumers’ new expectations.
Sauce coating involves the freezing of any type of sauce onto already frozen food. This is usually performed using cryogenic batch production technology. Final products are either high-value meals or meal components which are convenient and easy to prepare for home consumers or food service operators.

mrożenie kriogeniczne, chłodzenie kriogeniczne
Freezing & Chilling

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The coating equipment

Effective sauce coating depends on cryogenic technology, or the production of extremely cold temperatures using a cryogen such as liquid nitrogen.
To help food processors to offer new added value products, Air Liquide has entered into partnership with the French company Armor Inox to develop a global and efficient solution. The tumbler IQF is a batch equipment for simultaneously mixing, coating and quick freezing products, in order to ensure the IQF quality of the coated products.
The other solution for sauce coating is to use CRYO TUNNEL-CFP tunnel with a special plastic conveyor belt to freeze sticky and fragile products.