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encyklopedia gazów, gazy techniczne, gazy spożywcze, gazy specjalne

Gas Encyclopedia

The first gas technical encyclopedia for students, researchers, scientists by Air Liquide!

The molecules

Gas Encyclopedia

The Air Liquide Gas Encyclopedia, available in English and French, allows users to quickly access a host of information on the physical and chemical properties of gas molecules (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.) in their solid, liquid and gaseous states. The Encyclopedia also indicates the material compatibilities of various gases and describes their main industrial applications. The content is produced by Air Liquide experts.

A key resource for the scientific community, researchers, students and teachers, it is also designed for Air Liquide customers and general public.

Air Liquide launched also free Gas Encyclopedia applications, available for free download:

Easy Gas Converter

The Air Liquide Easy Gas Converter app gives the user the ability to instantly convert from gaseous to liquid and share the results through email and text. Additionally, there is a unit calculator which converts weight and measures area, length, and volume for both US and metric systems. The user can customize the screen and display the gases and units to their preference. A worldwide Air Liquide office locator is another feature included in the app giving the user many different resources all in the palm of their hands.

Air Liquide Easy Gas Converter is available for free download: