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Fundament prefabrykowany

Ready base

Precast foundation for bulk installations

Fundament prefabrykowany
Ready base

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The right solution for a fast bulk installation

A ready-to-install precast foundation:

  • a precast reinforced concrete foundation sized to support a cryogenic vessel, vaporizer(s) and other relative standard equipment,
  • ready to set up with very limited ground preparation,
  • no foundation construction in situ requiring concrete curing and civil works.

Smartly designed for bulk installations:

  • adapted to argon, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide,
  • suitable for installations with 3,000 L to 10,000 L capacity vessels,
  • relevant for permanent and temporary installations,
  • appropriate for almost any surface,
  • perfect fit for leased premises.

Safe and compliant:

  • fits local regulations and norms,
  • withstands seismic and wind loads,
  • compliant with the most stringent safety standards.