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A submersible oxygen/CO2 injection device for water treatment plants

A cost-effective system designed by Air Liquide, the POROXAL treats wastewater by injecting oxygen (O2) into deep static biological basins (>5m).


Air Liquide has developed for you a wide range of standard models and options allow POROXAL to fit your configuration:

  • up to 0.5 - 1kg O2 or CO2 /meter porous hose / hour,
  • stainless steel 304 L or 316 L,
  • cabinets for optimum gas injection (autarchic or adapted to your process control system).

Air Liquide offers:

  • a technical assistance from dedicated water treatment experts,
  • a process control to optimize your O2/CO2 consumption,
  • data recording and parameters teletransmission,
  • high O2/CO2 transfer with no extra energy requirement,
  • can be installed within ongoing water treatment operation.

Main references can be found in:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical Processing
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Fish Farming
  • And various others
Urządzenie do natleniania ścieków za pomocą czystego tlenu