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Regulacja pH, standaryzacja mleka

pH control

Milk standardisation can be done by addition of carbon dioxide. Gas controls the pH level, increases the rennet's effect on milk coagulation to improve the quality of dairy products.

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Dissolve carbon dioxide CO2 (ALIGAL™ 2) may be used in the production of hard cheeses. With this gas, you can in an easy and safe way control the pH level of milk and whey.

Using carbon dioxide to control the pH of liquids (water, whey, milk) is a safe way to minimize environmental exposure and the risk of catastrophic accidental injuries. This low-cost treatment option substantially reduces the ongoing process, infrastructure, maintenance and compliance costs. In addition, our carbon dioxide pH control solution reduces the high cost required to deliver, store and use hazardous mineral acids – including the ongoing degradation costs of equipment exposed to the corrosive effects of acid.


  • 0.1 pH unit of accuracy,
  • constant curdling time leading to a reduction of maturing time,
  • obtaining a high quality, homogeneous product.