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Obróbka cieplna, obróbka cieplno-chemiczna

Nexelia™ for Thermochemical Treatment

A complete all-in-one solution, Nexelia™ for Thermochemical Treatment combines nitrogen and active molecules to reach the physical and chemical properties of the final metal part.

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The Industry Challenge

Heat treatment is a transverse application with multiple processes and is used in a variety of industries from automotive, and aeronautics to machinery and metal fabrication.
With the development of new materials and ever-increasing requirements for mechanical properties by end-users, new thermochemical applications are rapidly expanding such as:

  • atmospheric carburizing,
  • low pressure carburizing & gas quenching,
  • carbonitriding,
  • nitriding,
  • nitrocarburizing.

To ensure a truly reliable and efficient process, safety and reproducibility are essential.

Nexelia™ for Thermochemical Treatment

Air Liquide offers Nexelia™ for Thermochemical Treatment, a complete end-to-end solution that combines nitrogen and active molecules to reach the physical and chemical properties of the final metal part.

We define the results together and then commit to delivering on our performance. 

Gas The gas and associated equipment are chosen according to the different thermochemical treatment to which the part is to be subjected.
  • Nitrogen is a neutral gas for many metal alloys. Pure and dry nitrogen is an excellent protection atmosphere against oxidation.
  • Active molecules are defined depending on the heat treatment process used:
    - Methanol is sprayed and cracked in the furnace to reach carbon potential needed for carburizing in the atmosphere.
    - Acetylene is often used as a carburizing agent for low-pressure carburizing process.
    - High-pressure nitrogen / helium are efficient for rapid cooling on gas-quenching processes.
    - Ammonia is used for nitriding, carbo-nitriding or nitro-carburizing to reach the hardness requirement for the part surface.
State-of-the-Art Application Technology
Process Expertise & Service Our worldwide network of experts in heat treatment supports you in:
  • designing your installation according to your needs,
  • auditing your process and training your operators,
  • defining the most consistent process recipes.

We also support you for risk analysis according to local regulations.

Your benefits of Nexelia™ for Thermochemical Treatment:

  • quality & reproducibility,
  • optimal safety,
  • total reliability,
  • cost-effectiveness,
  • traceability,
  • full support of our heat treatment experts.