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Nexelia™ for Surface Protection

Our solution helps to melt cleaner metals to produce castings with fewer defects, enhanced mechanical properties and lower rejects.

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The Industry Challenge

The metals industry is facing the challenge of reducing production costs while improving product quality and productivity. Moreover, players strive to continually reduce their environmental impact of their operations and comply with stringent regulation, as well as optimize the use of critical resources (such as coke, ore, metal scrap and energy) through improved efficiency.

To overcome these challenges and significantly optimize your process, discover the ideal solution – Nexelia™ for Surface Protection.

Nexelia™ for Surface Protection

Nexelia™ for Surface Protection is an all-in-one gas solution that combines gas, process expertise and application equipment offering an efficient molten metal inerting solution for improving casting quality.

Dripping an inert liquified gas (argon) above molten metal to prevent oxidation which would result from the interaction of air and the molten metal.

Your benefits of Nexelia™ for Surface Protection:

  • higher quality castings due to the reduction of oxide inclusion,
  • improvement of productivity by up to 10%,
  • potential reduction by 25-30% of scrap and by 25% of reworks,
  • improvement by up to 3 times of liner lifetime due to less slag and dross,
  • reduction of  the use of “slag-off” material,
  • full support of our metals experts at every step, from the auditing of your current process to the preliminary and detailed designs of your new solution, as well as its complete implementation, including commissioning, monitoring and maintenance.

Application equipment

Comprehensive equipment for argon liquid flow control is composed of:

  • a stainless steel flexible hose with stainless steel braid and a brass gate valve,
  • a stainless steel “lance” with orifice.