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Nexelia™ for Oxy-Combustion for Metals

To enhance performance and help better respect of the environment.

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The Industry Challenge

The metals industry is facing the challenge of reducing production costs while improving product quality and productivity. Moreover, players strive to continually reduce their environmental impact of their operations and comply with stringent regulation, as well as optimize the use of critical resources (such as coke, ore, metal scrap and energy) through improved efficiency.

To overcome these challenges and significantly optimize your process, discover the ideal solution – Nexelia™ for Oxy-Combustion for Metals.

Nexelia™ for Oxy-Combustion for Metals

Based on our groundbreaking technology, Nexelia™ for Oxy-Combustion for Metals uses pure oxygen instead of air, offering improved heat transfer, saving energy while decreasing the volume of flue gas. 

Air is commonly used to provide oxygen for combustion to heat industrial furnaces. Oxy-combustion is based on the enrichment of air with pure oxygen to improve the overall energy efficiency of all steps in the manufacturing process. In addition to premium expertise and experience, from oxygen supply to the optimization of the combustion, you’ll benefit from equipment and services linked to proprietary new technologies.

Nexelia™ for Oxy-Combustion for Metals is designed for steel, non-ferrous metals and foundries.

Your benefits of Nexelia™ for Oxy-Combustion for Metals:

  • energy savings,
  • emissions reduced,
  • the pull rate increased,
  • environmental footprint reduced,
  • full support of our metals experts at every step, from the auditing of your current process to the preliminary and detailed designs of your new solution, as well as its complete implementation, including commissioning, monitoring and maintenance.

Application equipment

For optimal oxy-combustion for metals Air Liquide provides you the following equipment:

  • COntrol,
  • patented burners,
  • valve trains.

Modeling services

  • COMBULOG is a 0D mass- and energy-balance calculation tool which verifies that oxy-combustion is viable thanks to first feasibility studies.