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groundwater, color removal, color removal by iron precipitation, manganese removal, water taste improvement, reduction of scaling, higher water purity

Nexelia™ for Groundwater

Nexelia™ for Groundwater is an all-in-one gas solution which consists of injecting oxygen into the water to form iron and manganese oxides that can be easily removed by filtration.

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The Industry Challenge

Drinking water is one of the most controlled and protected food products. It must not only be free of pathogens, germs and toxic compounds, but also of color and smell.
Iron and manganese are drained from sediments and dissolved in groundwater. 
Iron ions create a rust-brown color of the water, and a high content of manganese adds a bitter taste.
Additionally, iron and manganese cause precipitation in piping and sanitation systems. 
It is therefore essential to remove both metals from drinking water.

uzdatnianie wody podziemnej, usuwanie barwy wody, usunięcie barwy wody od żelaza, usuwanie koloru wody, usuwanie manganu, poprawa smaku wody, ograniczenie osadzania się kamienia, wyższy stopień czystości wody

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Nexelia™ for Groundwater

  • All-in-one gas solution, which consists of injecting oxygen into the water to form iron and manganese oxides that can be easily removed by filtration.
  • It encompasses everything from the most suitable oxygen supply, dosing and control cabinet, and injection system such as static mixer.

Oxygen gas supply:

  • bulk,
  • on-site.
Process expertise You benefit from full support of our water treatment experts, from the auditing of your current system capacity to the preliminary and detailed designs, as well as the complete implementation in just a few days, which includes commissioning, monitoring and maintenance.
Application equipment
  • gas control cabinet,
  • static high efficiency mixers BICONE.

Your benefits of Nexelia™ for Groundwater:

  • color removal by iron precipitation,
  • most effective manganese removal for taste improvement,
  • reduction of scaling in piping and sanitation systems,
  • fewer power consumption.