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mrożenie kriogeniczne, chłodzenie kriogeniczne

Nexelia™ for Freezing & Chilling

Properly managing and optimizing your cryogenic process can be a challenging task, however the Nexelia™ for Freezing & Chilling offer can provide you with a simple solution for cost control and a new level of operational performance.

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The Industry Challenge

As the demand for ready-to-eat meals and innovative food products grows, so does the need for food safety and respect of the cold chain. Food product manufacturers are under pressure to respect cold chain care and preserve food quality in terms of taste and nutrition, while keeping their processes flexible.

This is where Air Liquide steps in with gas solutions and equipment for any freezing and chilling requirements.

mrożenie kriogeniczne, chłodzenie kriogeniczne
Freezing & Chilling

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Nexelia™ for Freezing & Chilling

Nexelia™ for Freezing & Chilling is an all-in-one gas solution that combines the best of Air Liquide’s ALIGAL™ gases, application equipment and technical support service along with a customized Performance Service program for the optimization of your cryogenic process.
This offer has been designed for those processors that need to achieve a competitive freezing or chilling cost for their food products. With Nexelia™, we define the results together and then commit to delivering on our performance.


Mrożenie i chłodzenie kriogeniczne

Compliant with local food-grade specifications, regulations and industry standards for production, storage and distribution:

Process expertise Performance Service to assist you in optimizing your overall gas consumption, based on kg gas/kg product basis:
  • solution design and commissioning,
  • performance trucking, including annual review meeting,
  • customized operational training,
  • annual audit: process, gas installation and application equipment.
Application equipment

Your benefits of Nexelia™ for Freezing & Chilling:

  • a competitive freezing or chilling cost,
  • process optimization,
  • a customized monitoring program.