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Obróbka podzerowa, obróbka kriogeniczna

Nexelia™ for Cryogenic Treatment

A complete all-in-one solution, Nexelia™ for Cryogenic Treatment uses liquid nitrogen to reach low temperature (typically lower than -80°C) during the hardening of metal parts.

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The Industry Challenge

Cryo treatment of metal parts is a transverse application commonly used in a variety of industries, from automotive and aeronautics to machinery and metal fabrication.

With the development of new materials and ever-increasing requirements for mechanical properties by end-users, new heat treatment applications are rapidly expanding, such as cryogenic treatment followed by tempering.

To ensure a truly reliable and efficient process, safety and reproducibility are essential.

Obróbka podzerowa, obróbka kriogeniczna
Cryogenic Treatment

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Nexelia™ for Cryogenic Treatment

Air Liquide offers Nexelia™ for Cryogenic Treatment, a complete all-in-one solution that uses liquid nitrogen to reach low temperature (typically lower than -80°C) during the hardening of metal parts.

It reduces residual austenite by transforming it into martensite while increasing precipitation and distribution of finer carbides in the microstructure during tempering steps.


Nitrogen is a neutral gas for many metal alloys. Pure nitrogen serves as an excellent protection atmosphere against oxidation and brings the cold needed to perform cryogenic treatment.

Process Expertise & Service Our worldwide network of heat treatment experts will help you:
  • design your installation according to your needs,
  • audit your process and train your operators,
  • define the most consistent process methods for you.
Application equipment

Your benefits of Nexelia™ for Cryogenic Treatment:

  • increased hardness & wear resistance,
  • improved dimensional stability,
  • less residual micro-stress,
  • compliance with industry requirements,
  • custom-made design,
  • full support of our heat treatment experts.