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Pakowanie w atmosferze ochronnej (MAP)

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) 

You must propose food matching with the new lifestyles: take away, easy to prepare and to eat, extended preservation time, freshness and appearance. MAP combines all these advantages.

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Natural evolution of food products

As soon as it comes into contact with air, food can suffer from physical, enzymatic, microbiological, and biochemical deterioration. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a process for packaging foodstuff together with a gas or a gas mixture having protective properties. MAP gases are used to replace the air inside the packaging and eliminate or reduce any product deterioration. Among the ALIGAL™ solutions we have developed a special range of products for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

Pakowanie w atmosferze ochronnej (MAP) - przedłużony okres trwałości, świeżości i wyglądu produktów spożywczych

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Technical corner

MAP focuses on solid and pasty foodstuffs. For liquids, we have developed inerting applications. 

This preservation technique:

  • maintains the visible and perceptible quality of the product (appearance, colour, texture and taste) as well as its invisible quality (protection against microorganisms), 
  • lengthens product shelf life, 
  • matches the preference for "natural" products and reduced preservatives.

MAP helps to eliminate or reduce potential product deterioration.


gazy spożywcze

Successful outcomes through a mix of elements

This preservation technique covers many types of products:

  • fresh products such as meat, delicatessen products, pizza, bakery and pastry products, grated cheese, prepared vegetables, and cooked dishes, 
  • dried products such as peanuts, milk powder, coffee, and potato flakes.

To use MAP, you must own or acquire a packaging machine and special film to protect the product. By optimizing the parameters, MAP can provide a highly successful solution. 

Air Liquide and MAP gases

MAP is now used worldwide, but has varying levels of penetration due to different consumer habits. It is a highly natural technique, and in many countries it is the preferred packaging solution. 
Thanks to our extensive partnership with food producers worldwide, we have the experience to address a broad range of long-standing and more recent food concerns. Beyond a wide range of food grade gas mixtures, ALIGAL™ for MAP encompasses a full range of equipment and services like:

  • microbiological filtration on our customers sites,
  • on site gas mixing for fine tuned packaging atmospheres,
  • audit installations and customer training. 

Please discover our ALIGAL™ line created exclusively for MAP.

Supply modes

Our specialists will choose the most optimal gas supply mode to your plant: