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Air Liquide oferuje gazy spożywcze dla takich aplikacji jak: zamrażanie, schładzanie, inertyzacja, pakowanie w atmosferze ochronnej MAP i wielu innych.


As consumer eating habits evolve, there is increased demand for safe products, with preserved nutritional qualities. You must propose food matching with the new lifestyles: take away, easy to prepare and to eat, easy to store…
You look for more quality, safety and traceability, permanent innovation, and cost reduction. ALIGAL™, the full range of Air Liquide food solutions, will meet all your requirements.

A dedicated offer

Air Liquide offers you a dedicated solution to your activity. Please select:

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Application equipment 

Over the years, Air Liquide has developed and implemented a wide range of application equipment, for hundreds of customers. Our cooling or freezing equipment has the flexibility to run on a wide range of products and temperatures, giving you the key to innovate without boundaries. 

Safety First 

Air Liquide Polska has implemented ISO 22000 standard “Food safety management system - Requirements for organizations throughout the food chain” in the scope of production, storage and distribution of food gases.  The system implementation has been concluded by the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade Certification granting us a certificate, which we have been maintaining since 2006. Our innovative cryogenic freezing systems meet today’s highest standards for food safety and are available worldwide. 
The ALIGAL™ brand for food quality and safety!

A strong tradition of innovation

When you choose Air Liquide, you can depend on a dynamic multifaceted corporation committed to solid growth through proven technical solutions. Our food industry experts continually work closely with our research and development group to develop innovative cryogenic technologies for the entire supply chain. We continually strive to find ways to improve food safety and quality by working to enhance food preservation, storage, processing and transport. Our research and development centers are equipped with industry-leading facilities including a microbial laboratory, research laboratory and a pilot plant to measure, test and develop cryogenic and gas applications for the food and beverage industry.

Why choose us?

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    Certified gases

    In Poland, Air Liquide meets the highest benchmarks for food safety and quality.

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    On all the steps of the food production chain by maintaining conformity with the principles of food hygiene and by applying the ISO 22000 standard requirements.

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    Industry expertise

    Air Liquide continually improves and invents new applications and equipment for the food industry to tackle emerging challenges in food safety and quality.