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Gazy medyczne

Medical gases

Air Liquide, a reliable supplier of medical gases, essential to protect health and life.

If you have questions about this topic, please contact:

Patrycja Hatak
mobile: +48 795 324 796

Marta Jarmundowicz
mobile: +48 795 427 905

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Air Liquide has long-term experience on Polish market providing innovative solutions, including medical gases, equipment and services:

  • Medical gases are medication, and are subject to the market authorization procedures issued by the healthcare authorities. They are also subject to specific pharmaceutical traceability.
  • Our highly qualified staff strive to serve all our patients and customers professionally, efficiently and effectively. 
  • Our customers include healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, emergency services, private medical practices and dental surgeries. 

Our main medical gases and their therapeutic areas:

  • For respiratory diseases or intensive care: medical oxygen
    • in gaseous form; delivered in light cylinders with integrated regulator and electronic display or in standard cylinders
    • in liquid form; delivered in insulated trucks to cryogenic tanks
  • In anesthesia/analgesia/sedation: medical nitrous oxide, medical oxygen/nitrous oxide premix
  • In resuscitation: medical nitric oxide, including a gas supply device
  • In laparoscopy, cryotherapy, carboxytherapy: medical carbon dioxide