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Air Liquide oferuje gazy spożywcze dla takich aplikacji jak: hodowla ryb, wzbogacanie szklarni w CO2, dojrzewanie owoców...

Fish farming / Greenhouses / Agriculture

Learn more about our offer dedicated to Fish farming / Greenhouses / Agriculture.

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Application equipment:

Fish farming

Fish consumption is constantly increasing. Oxygen concentration control is one of the key issues for the success of intensive fish farming.

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CO2 enrichment of greenhouses

A CO2 enriched concentration in the greenhouse is a major asset to productivity increase.

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Harvest protection

To protect your crop, you can either use nitrogen or CO2.

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Fruit ripening

Fruits like bananas are often picked and shipped before being mature. They have to be ripened before being sold.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) 

Controlling the atmosphere around a food product is key to extending product shelf life and maintaining an attractive customer presentation.

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Cereals disinfestation and protection

Rice, corn, dried fruit and mushrooms, mixed herbs, cocoa, nuts… must be disinfested before processing or packaging.

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You need to carry and store liquid nitrogen in your laboratory or insemination centre, we offer you a range of products.

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Air Liquide's offer for fish farming and agriculture includes food gases as well as technologies, equipment and services for the following applications: oxygenation in aquaculture, CO2 enrichment of greenhouses, harvest / crop protection, fruit ripening (ethylene treatment), Modified Atmosphere Packaging (to eliminate or reduce any product deterioration), cereals disinfestation and protection, storage of biological samples at very low temperature (cryobiology).