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Transport w temperaturze kontrolowanej

Cold transportation

You are concerned with the food processing or the food retail; You are a specialist of home delivery, away-from-home catering or refrigerated transport and you need to transport chilled and frozen food products without breaking the cold chain.

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Air Liquide has developed solutions adapted to different kinds of transport, using the strong cooling properties of solid CO2 under different forms.
From the producer to the consumer, via complex logistic journeys, our solutions enable the preservation of your products at the set temperature while maintaining their quality and freshness and complying with the regulation.

Our solutions

Production of dry ice snow

To quickly cool or subcool products transported over short distances, Air Liquide offers the production of dry ice snow with a simple CRYO SNOW UNIT-SH injector.

Production of dry ice pellets

Air Liquide offers the on-site production of dry ice pellets in the pelletizer. This equipment ensures flexible and cost effective dry ice production through:

  • ability to produce dry ice in any form: spheres, pellets of a specific size, diameter and weight,
  • ability to produce a specific amount of dry ice, necessary to cover customer's process needs,
  • no need to store too much dry ice, which starts to sublimate just after production,
  • pelletizer can be rented (customer is not obliged to purchase it).

Transport in the isothermal containers

Retailers & wholesalers distribute food across the country from one or more logistics centres. Air Liquide offers a convenient system for the transport of any quantity of food products in refrigerated or freezing conditions.
The system is very simple. Isothermal containers with special cartridges, in which dry ice is injected, are used to transport food products. Containers maintain a constant temperature during everyday operations, including long-distance transport.
The quantity of carbon dioxide injected is closely related to the amount of product in the container, distance to the shop, delivery time and weather conditions.

The system guarantees:

  • a perfectly maintained cold chain up to the final customer,
  • a logistic flexibility thanks to an autonomous source of cold that enables deliveries at any time in non-refrigerated vehicles, 
  • savings thanks to an optimization of dry ice quantities. 

Our experts are available to advise you on the best solution to suit your business profile.