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Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment

Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment is an all-in-one solution and competitive solution to boost aerobic biological treatment using pure oxygen in addition or in replacement of existing air injection system.

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The Industry Challenge

Wastewater treatment is a major issue. In some regions, water is scarce, and environmental protection is becoming increasingly important. As a result, ever stricter environmental regulations are emerging with respect to water quality and complying with them is an industrial challenge.

If you’re looking to boost your plant capacity, optimize operating costs, or resolve various foam and odor issues, industrial gases can provide you with a truly effective solution.

Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment

  • All-in-one gas solution to boost aerobic biological treatments using activated sludge.
  • It consists of dissolving pure oxygen (O2) into biological basins for the respiration of the microorganisms in the activated sludge that consume the biodegradable pollution.
  • Using pure O2:
    • improves the microbial activity thanks to well suited injection systems,
    • reduces the required gas volume fivefold compared to air,
    • reduces the need for energy to dissolve oxygen. It also avoids foaming (no need for chemical additives) and stripping of volatile organic compounds,
    • (no odor formation). 

Oxygen gas supply:

  • bulk,
  • on-site.
Process expertise

Full support of our teams:

  • preliminary solution design,
  • detailed solution design,
  • commissioning,
  • troubleshooting,
  • consultancy and safety training.
Application equipment
  • gas control cabinet
  • porous static injectors POROXAL
  • surface mixing&injecting units TURBOXAL
  • bottom mixing&injecting units VENTOXAL
  • ozonation units

Equipment solution adapted to your specific needs and site.

Your benefits of Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment:

  • up to 50% plant capacity increase with limited investment,
  • up to 25% OpEx savings,
  • reduced CapEx (greenfield projects),
  • removal of foam and odors,
  • effective microbial activity,
  • up to 60% excess sludge reduction,
  • better sludge settling (Sludge Volume Index down to 80 ml/g),
  • compliance with environmental regulations (discharge limits),
  • improved operation flexibility and reliability.