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IQF - szybkie indywidualne mrożenie

Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) 

The IQF production consists in crusting and freezing in line small, fragile and individual products.

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IQF benefits

IQF meets new food consumption and B2B markets trends. It allows the products to be frozen or crusted in line: e.g. rice, grated cheese, shrimps, fruits, vegetables, meat…

mrożenie kriogeniczne, chłodzenie kriogeniczne
Freezing & Chilling

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With the IQF process, you can:

  • freeze the products before sauce coating,
  • chill or freeze products before using them in further processes (e.g. pizza topping),
  • harden products before weighting or freezing to prevent them from sticking together,
  • increase the flow rate of your mechanical freezing line,
  • freeze liquid or semi-liquid products into individual particles. 


Mrożenie i chłodzenie kriogeniczne

IQF equipment

Air Liquide has developed a range of simple and reliable IQF equipment which are compact, easy to install, use, maintain and clean. They can be supplied with either liquid nitrogen or CO2.