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LASAL™ gases

Laser cutting and welding to improve productivity and lower operating costs

We supply a full range of lasing and assisting gases with the industry’s highest purity standards for every laser resonator.

Lasing gases

The choice and quality of lasing gases is vital to ensure the reliability of your laser sources, the service life of lenses, and the stability and optimization of the power input. For this reason, all the gases in the LASAL™ range undergo strict inspection on permissible impurities, such as moisture, hydrocarbons and solid particles. Depending on laser manufacturer and system applied, Air Liquide offers suitable lasing gases, including:

LASAL™ 1 nitrogen / N50 purity / 99.999%
LASAL™ 2 carbon dioxide / N45 purity / 99.995%
LASAL™ 4 helium / N46 purity / 99.996%
LASAL™ 41 He/N2/CO2 mixture
LASAL™ 53 He/N2/CO2 mixture
LASAL™ 66 He/N2/CO2 mixture
LASAL™ 81 He/N2/CO2/H2 mixture
LASAL™ 83 N2/He/CO2 mixture
LASAL™ 105 N2/He/CO2/CO mixture
LASAL™ 201 He/N2/CO/CO2/O2/Xe mixture
LASAL™ P51 He/N2/CO2 mixture
LASAL™ P61 He/N2/CO2 mixture

Assisting gases

Whatever your application may be, the LASAL™ range meets your requirements in terms of productivity, quality of parts and reproducible performances. The gases in the LASAL™ range ensure that you get the best out of your laser equipment.


Cięcie laserowe
LASAL™ 2001
nitrogen / N50 purity / 99.999%
For laser cutting of stainless steel an inert gas (nitrogen) is applied. For the best cutting quality, with no further edge processing (e.g. before welding), a high-quality nitrogen should be used. Air Liquide has developed LASAL™ 2001: a quality-controlled nitrogen, dedicated for cutting of stainless steels under high pressure. Like for all other LASAL™ gases, LASAL™ 2001 quality is controlled during production, filling and delivery. Currently LASAL™ 2001 is also applied for highly efficient cutting of small thicknesses (up to 6 mm) carbon steel. Please see on the videos on the right the comparison of 3mm and 5mm carbon steel cutting with oxygen and nitrogen.


Cięcie laserowe
LASAL™ 2003
oxygen / N35 purity / 99.95%
For laser cutting of carbon steel usually oxygen is used, taking advantage of cutting exothermic reaction with iron. Depending on the source of origin, industrial oxygen can have a variable quality. Studies carried out by own technical centers have enabled Air Liquide to recognize all the impurities affecting the cutting process. Therefore, Air Liquide has developed LASAL™ 2003: a quality-controlled oxygen, dedicated for laser cutting of carbon steels. Compared to the industrial oxygen, LASAL™ 2003 enables to gain 10-40% in cutting speed while ensuring better quality of cut edges.


Distribution equipment and utilization procedures ensure LASAL™ quality is maintained up to the laser:


You would like to increase your productivity, simplify the management of your gas supplies and improve the yield of your process or production sites. At the same time, you have to meet higher safety standards in order to conform to regulations and address environmental demands. Air Liquide has a full spectrum of services to meet your needs.