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FLAMAL™ gases

High-performance gases for flame applications

Air Liquide in Poland offers you:

  • FLAMAL™ 3: high quality oxygen used in flame torches and burners in order to boost the flame properties and to provide a highly effective jet for oxy-cutting,
  • FLAMAL™ 5: acetylene - most effective and versatile fuel gas, improving efficiency and reducing working time because of excellent flame properties, as well as allowing cost savings because of the lowest oxygen requirements.

FLAMAL™ gases are delivered in cylinders with ALTOP™, what allows:

  • to increase process efficiency,
  • to improve safety of use,
  • to reduce time.

For FLAMAL™ gases, safe hand connectors with o-ring are only used.


You would like to increase your productivity, simplify the management of your gas supplies and improve the yield of your process or production sites. At the same time, you have to meet higher safety standards in order to conform to regulations and address environmental demands. Air Liquide has a full spectrum of services to meet your needs.