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Właściwości cieczy kriogenicznych umożliwiają gwałtowne zamrażanie produktu.


The properties of cryogenic fluids (high refrigeration capacity, low temperature) allow the product to be very rapidly “frozen”. Cryogenic freezing takes generally 3 to 4 times less than with a mechanical refrigeration system. The refrigerating capacity and low temperature of cryogenic fluids also allow the product to be very rapidly "crusted".

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Cryogenic freezing

The very fast quick-freezing prevents:

  • damage of tissue structure,
  • surface dehydration resulting in product weight loss,
  • products from sticking together (IQF of fragile products).

Flexible, cryogenic quick-freezing allows:

  • freezing of all kinds of food products,
  • fluctuations in processing conditions,
  • boosting of mechanical freezing systems,
  • starting a new launched product line without clear vision for the future production volumes,
  • Individual Quick Freezing of small and fragile foodstuffs,
  • sauce coating and shaping,
  • seasonal freezing activity.
mrożenie kriogeniczne, chłodzenie kriogeniczne
Freezing & Chilling

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Economical, cryogenic freezing matches your budget constraints:

  • a lower initial investment than for equivalent capacity with mechanical refrigeration,
  • low annual maintenance costs,
  • managed expenditures (the gas consumption is directly linked to your production).


Mrożenie i chłodzenie kriogeniczne

A wide range of freezing equipment

Air Liquide has developed a wide range of reliable quick-freezing equipment which are compact, easy to install, use, maintain and clean: