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Akwakultura, hodowla ryb

Fish farming

Fish consumption is constantly increasing. Oxygen concentration control is one of the key issues for the success of intensive fish farming.

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Adequate dissolved oxygen concentration in the water is critical for enhanced aquaculture. Sophisticated oxygen injection systems optimize and balance operational and capital costs.

In intensive fish farming, the amount of oxygen naturally supplied by the inlet water does not satisfy the needs of the fish. That’s why additional aeration or oxygenation is required.

A sufficient level of dissolved oxygen at all times promotes healthy and fast-growing fish.

Compared with oxygenation using air, the benefits of using additional pure oxygen are:

  • a better oxygen transfer into the water, 
  • a more efficient feed conversion ratio, and thus an improved growth, 
  • an better resistance to pathogenic organisms, 
  • increased susceptibility to decomposition of contaminants to avoid water contamination.