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For reflow soldering

ECO NITROREFLOW is a patented, automatic-control system designed by Air Liquide for the cautious monitoring of inert atmosphere into your reflow oven. The system is suitable for oxygen-level ranking from 0 to 3,000 ppm.

Lutowanie rozpływowe
Reflow Soldering

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Your advantages:

  • Nitrogen savings of 5% to 15%
    ECO NITROREFLOW monitors and constantly regulates the nitrogen flow to maintain the required Residual Oxygen Level (ROL) inside the reflow oven. No need of over consumption for clearances, nitrogen consumption is permanently optimized, whatever the operating conditions.
  • Continuous quality monitoring of reflow atmosphere
    ECO NITROREFLOW detects and adjusts the internal atmosphere quality of the reflow oven throughout the day. The system works as a virtual operator, checking and adjusting the ROL in the reflow zone in real time, in accordance with the specifications. The equipment consistently maintains optimal performance levels, even with flexible production.
  • An easy-to-operate system
    The installation of ECO NITROREFLOW requires no modification of your reflow oven, neither maintenance. You only have to adjust the required ROL set point, and the Air Liquide control system starts to monitor.

Core Features:

  • Nitrogen supply: from liquid storage or in a gaseous state on-site production system, nitrogen requirement is carefully calculated by our teams to ensure an optimized performance of your reflow soldering process.
  • The full support of our application experts, from the very first point of the solution’s design, right down to its implementation and maintenance.