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For dry storage of moisture sensitive devices

The ECO DRY CABINET is a patented solution for long- or short-term storage of electronic components sensitive to humidity, oxygen or air pollutants.

Your advantages:

  • Easy to install, our cabinets deliver a fast and reliable atmosphere without the need for an electricity supply and with totally independent compartments. 
  • Due to its original conception, ECO DRY CABINET system is used for short and long storage as well as for drying.

Core Features:

ECO DRY CABINET is a modular system, composed of a gastight metal cabinet coupled with a nitrogen injection system, which regroups all control and supply functions. The number and configuration of cabinets are adapted to the customer needs.


  • fixed stainless steel shelf,
  • sliding stainless steel shelf,
  • swivel caster kit,
  • visual alarm.

Strong construction and gas tightness of the cabinet as well as 2-stage nitrogen purging system allows for a very fast obtaining (less than 5 minutes) and maintaining the optimal and fixed dew point of -35°C (1% relative humidity). Particular attention was paid to the safety of users. Nitrogen supply is stopped by opening the door.