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Eco chiller, odzysk chłodu, wymiennik ciepła


Recovering cold in the cooling process

Many industrial processes that use gas and heat simultaneously require an energy-consuming water cooling system to generate and satisfy the process's refrigeration needs. Consequently, optimizing and rationalizing the environmental and economic impact, as well as complying with the regulations in force concerning these processes, becomes a fundamental challenge.

Eco chiller, odzysk chłodu, wymiennik ciepła

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In this regard Air Liquide has developed the innovative ECO CHILLER solution for all those industrial sectors that consume Nitrogen or Argon in gaseous form. The gas is initially stored in liquid form in a cryogenic tank, to then be vaporized and conveyed to the point of use.

ECO CHILLER is a solution that combines the vaporization of the gas with the recovery of the cold generated during the process, with the aim of reusing them in the company's industrial cooling system. These refrigerators are then reused in the company's industrial cooling system, thus allowing a reduction in energy consumption.

Core features:

  • convenient automated system,
  • icing and fogging risk reduction for nitrogen vaporization,
  • significant energy cost savings,
  • CO2 footprint reduction,
  • ISO 50001- ISO 14000 certifications,
  • work safety and process security,
  • flexible in terms of applications.
ECO CHILLER, cold recovery
System layout with ECO CHILLER