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Mikser dynamiczny dla gazów spawalniczych

Dynamic on-site mixer (for welding gases)

Whatever your consumption, whatever your flow rate, the dynamic on-site mixer delivers a consistent welding gas from liquid supply.

If you have questions about this topic, please contact:

Jacek Dąbrowski 
Eastern Poland
mobile: +48 605 870 044

Wiktoria Kurczak
Southern Poland
mobile: +48 608 429 265

Przemysław Soja
Northern Poland
tel.kom.: +48 605 870 023

Jan Tabaczyński
Western Poland 
mobile: +48 694 422 566

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The dynamic on-site mixing solution for the best welding gas quality

Smart & compact:

  • easy to use,
  • no buffer tank needed,
  • installation and maintenance performed by Air Liquide.

Robust design:

  • fully pneumatic system for optimal reliability,
  • no power supply, no solenoid valves,
  • validated for outdoor installation from -40°C up to +50°C.

Stable & consistent mixtures:

  • fixed composition: no calibration on-site required,
  • no deviation of the composition whatever your flow rate,
  • no need for an analyzer.

Adaptable equipment:

  • standard units available:
    - mono-mix with one fixed gas composition,
    - dual-mix with two outputs of different fixed gas compositions,
    - 50 m³/h and 100 m³/h max flow rate,
  • units can be combined to refine your needs.

Welding performance:

  • performance validated by Air Liquide R&D and assessed by users worldwide,
  • from 1 L / min up to maximal output flow, gas composition remains constant.

Designed for ARCAL™

Premium mixtures for welding:

  • compliant with ISO 14175,
  • available for all ARCAL™ reference mixtures:
    - ARCAL™ Chrome (M12-ArC-2),
    - ARCAL™ Speed (M20-ArC-8),
    - ARCAL™ Force (M21-ArC-18),
  • also available for a list of technical products:
    - ARCAL™ M13 (M13-ArO-2),
    - ARCAL™ M14 (M14-ArCO-3/1),
    - ARCAL™ M23 (M23-ArCO-5/4),
    - ARCAL™ M24 (M24-ArCO-12/2).