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Kriogeniczne proszkowanie produktów, kriokrystalizacja


The cryogenic solutions offered by Air Liquide allow you to develop more innovative formulas and obtain fully stable powder products at ambient temperatures that are resistant to lumping and have a longer shelf life.

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Oils or fats can be a part of products sold in a powder form, e.g. bakery additives, cake mixes, coffee creamers, soups, sauces, instant food, animal milk replacers, etc. Manufacturing fat powder can be difficult, the powder mixing produces lumps in the mixer, fat particles are larger and give a change in the eating characteristics in the final product.

Due to cryocrystallization of fats we can avoid these problems, producing fine particles of well crystallised fat or creating the stable crystal structures that are needed in the product.

Powder is done by spraying liquid fats into very small drops.If there is too much moisture in the product (e.g. milk), it is dehydrated by hot air. To reduce the energy consumption and increase the atomisation tower productivity, CO2, nitrogen or argon dissolution favours dehydration of whey and milk.

The liquid fat in liquid form of small droplets is treated with liquid nitrogen (ALIGAL™ 1). Cryogenically processed ingredients are easier to dose and to further process due to their free-flowing properties.


Such solutions can be obtained on the equipment especially designed by Air Liquide: CRYO CRYSTALLIZER-P lub CRYO CRYSTALLIZER-M or solutions are tailor made using mixers or pneumatic transport based on cooling systems.