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tunel kriogeniczny


Innovative and efficient for IQF products

CRYO TUNNEL-ZR2 equipment is used to freeze bulk-cut, thinly-sliced or small-sized products. It has been designed to be integrated into production lines to individualize bulk-loaded products.


CRYO TUNNEL-ZR2 is used to freeze bulk-cut, soft, thinly-sliced or small-sized products, including Individual Quick Frozen food (IQF) (e.g. rice, shredded cheese, fruit, vegetables, meat balls, bacon bits). Products are loaded on the side of CRYO TUNNEL-ZR2 and fall directly into a perforated tumbler. The products, that keep separated by the rotation, are frozen by forced convection of nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The food is then mixed in a chamber chilled by liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Once frozen, the products emerge from the other side of the machine by overflowing, at a speed varying with the slope of the drum.


  • capacity: 400 to 1200 kg/h (depending on the type of product)
  • processing time: 30 s to 300 s