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CRYO TUNNEL-MP1 tunnel with three separate conveyors, arranged in parallel, offer a highly efficient freezing surface to floor surface ratio

CRYO TUNNEL-MP1 cryogenic tunnel, is developed as a versatile cooling device for a wide range of applications and it offers highly effective solutions for inline and continuous individual quick freezing (IQF) of small parts, pieces and products in the shortest possible time. Next to that, CRYO TUNNEL-MP1 tunnel offers a highly efficient freezing surface to floor surface ratio, allowing you to achieve the maximal results on a limited area of production space. The tunnel has been designed with the latest EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group) and NSF hygiene standards, making it very easy to wash and clean. 

Every CRYO TUNNEL-MP1 tunnel is equipped with either liquid nitrogen (ALIGAL™ 1) or liquid carbon dioxide (ALIGAL™ 2) injection, depending on the product and process requirements. The freezing action happens right inside the tunnel as the cryogenic gases are injected into an insulated cold zone as the product passes through it.

Liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide deliver the ultimate in cryogenic freezing power by minimizing any aroma, flavor and dehydration losses to the food product. Because these cryogenic gases are inert, they also provide a protective atmosphere inside the cryogenic freezing zone which guards the food products against any oxidative reactions. As a result, the quality attributes, of many food products that are cryogenically frozen, are far superior to those same products frozen in a mechanical system.

Depending on the process, several sizes of the tunnel are available. The CRYO TUNNEL-MP1 tunnel normally has 3 have reversing belts, but any uneven number of belts can be adapted into the machine, on each level offering a longer residence time, increased freezing contact.

Combining quality and freezing power, CRYO TUNNEL-MP1 tunnels can be used as multi-purpose freezing equipment providing high quality freezing power for a wide range of products.

Tunel wielopoziomowy Tri-deck
Tunel wielopoziomowy Tri-deck
CRYO TUNNEL-MP1 tunnel - three separate conveyors