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tunel kriogeniczny


The most flexible equipment for all your products, with the level of automatization that suits you

Quick freezing or chilling with LIN or LCO2 - a technical and cryogenic solution for all food products. Compact, reliable and high-performance equipment, with high versatility (flowrate cryogenic fluid, treatment time). Simple installation and easy to use.


  • stainless steel: a food adapted material,
  • a complete range of equipment: standard and customized dimensions,
  • quick-freezing at very low temperatures: -140°C with LIN , -65°C with LCO2 and low treatment time (30 s),
  • flexibility of efficiency and process temperature,
  • kind on products,
  • easily integrated equipment,
  • insulation, cleaning and extraction features,
  • patented.


tunel kriogeniczny


  • 100 to 1000 kg/h
  • treatment time : 30 s to 20 mn