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tunel kriogeniczny


A unique patented technology for sensitive products

This device is used for the crusting of fragile, deformable and sticky products. The product transits on a polyester belt impregnated with liquid nitrogen which forms a crust on the underside of the product in a few tenths of a second. A spray manifold is used to simultaneously crust the top of the product.

CRYO TUNNEL-CFP has been specially designed to be used in association with a mechanical deep freezer. It can also be used for freezing thin products.


CRYO TUNNEL-CFP preserves the quality of your products by:

  • preventing products sticking together or to the belt,
  • maintaining their exact shape,
  • avoiding products becoming marked.

CRYO TUNNEL-CFP also allows you to:

  • widen your product range,
  • simplify your process (slicing, coating).


  • CRYO TUNNEL-CFP can increase the output of your installation by up to 50 %
  • for a throughput of 0.5 to 2.5 T of product per hour, specific consumption is around 0.5 liters of liquid nitrogen per kilogram of products processed

Simple and easy to install

CRYO TUNNEL-CFP can be quickly installed. It is particularly simple to use. Its food grade polyester and stainless steel construction guarantees durability and easy maintenance. Its vertical lift roof system makes complete cleaning easy.