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The CRYO SNOW UNIT-SH is a portable, compact and lightweight device for generating dioxide snow, dry ice and gas fog.

The CRYO SNOW UNIT-SH is a stainless steel, bellshaped device for generating carbon dioxide (CO2) snow particles which is then directly deposited on top of the food product for chilling and temperature control applications in many types of food processing equipment. It is used when bottom injection temperature control systems are not a suitable option. The CRYO SNOW UNIT-SH can be easily be welded onto the cover of new or used food processing machines such as mixer/blenders, mixer/grinders, dough mixing/kneading machines, bowl cutters, tumblers, cheese shredders/graters, and cheese vats or mixing tanks.

The CRYO SNOW UNIT-SH offers the versatility to efficiently chill and control the temperature, while ensuring exceptional product quality, during the batch processing of many types of food products. It is ideal for those processors that need increased productivity and ease of operation with a minimal capital investment and installation cost.

Dysza do produkcji suchego śniegu, suchego lodu oraz mgły


  • flexibility to chill and control the temperature of different types of food products during the mixing, grinding, blending, tumbling or kneading operations,
  • accurate and consistent temperature control over a wide temperature range,
  • instantaneous CO2 snow production at the push of a button,
  • safe and easy to install and operate,
  • no maintenance required,
  • hygienic design and stainless steel construction,
  • easy to clean.