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Cryogenic injector for bottom injection temperature control applications

The CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 is a patented, high flow, self-sealing and easily cleanable stainless steel cryogenic injector designed by Air Liquide for bottom injection temperature control applications and using the latest hygiene guidelines.


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The CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 can be easily retrofitted onto many types of new or used food processing equipment such as mixer grinders and mixer/blenders (with single wall construction).
The CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 offers the versatility to efficiently chill and control the temperature, while ensuring exceptional product quality, during the batch processing of many types of food products (ex. Meat, fish, filling, dough). It is ideal for those processors that need increased productivity and ease of operation with a minimal capital investment and installation cost.


Dysza dozująca CRYO INJECTOR-CB3

Using multiple nozzles, it injects highly pressurized liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide into the lower part of mixing equipment directly into the food product. The cryogen is uniformly mixed with the product. The gas generated penetrates the product. This ensures temperature control or immediate and homogenous chilling of the food product as well, allowing for further processing. In contrast to the traditional top injection system, this technology allows up to 50% reduction of liquid nitrogen (ALIGAL™ 1) or liquid carbon dioxide (ALIGAL™ 2) consumption.

… Improves your cooling process

  • optimized and standardized quality for your products,
  • uniform and fast cooling through multiple injection points,
  • shorter mixing/kneading times,
  • improved cooling efficiency: up to 50% savings in liquid CO2 or nitrogen,
  • no product freezing,
  • efficient cryogen usage due to direct injection into the product

… Guarantees optimum performance

  • optimum positioning of the injection nozzles,
  • precise injection angle eliminates product freezing inside the nozzles,
  • high cryogen injection pressure prevents product backing into the nozzles,
  • self-sealing system prevents food from blocking in the nozzle.

… Is easy to install

  • compact unit requiring minimum modifications to the mixer,
  • the equipment can be installed on any conventional mixer/kneader.

… Is cleaning- and operator-friendly

  • all parts are easily accessible, easy disassembly for clearing, operator-friendly, simple process control.

In order to more accurately control the injection of either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide into food processing equipment equipped with CRYO INJECTOR-CB3 nozzles or similar types of cryogenic injectors, Air Liquide has designed a special system to optimise temperature control: CONTROL UNIT-M.

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Bottom Injection

Top Injection

For the equipment, where is not impossible to install the bottom injection system (small mixers, rotating chamber, unfavorable set of knives), spray nozzles are positioned on top of the equipment (Top Injection system). It is possible to use also CRYO SNOW UNIT-SH.