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Zmrażanie powierzchniowe / podmrażanie powierzchniowe

Crust freezing

Crust freezing is applied either to boost mechanical freezers, preserve shapes, prevent water losses or obtain an efficient slicing.

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Principle and goals

This process consists in hardening the products surface to:

  • increase the product rigidity before an efficient slicing,
  • avoid the products loss of shape during their handling or conveying,
  • limit the water losses during mechanical freezing,
  • increase the portion weighting accuracy,
  • increase the production rate of your existing freezing/chilling line.
mrożenie kriogeniczne, chłodzenie kriogeniczne
Freezing & Chilling

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Our solutions integrate cryogenic crust freezing into existing processes to reduce loss and improve hygiene, yield, appearance and weight control, leading to significant efficiency gains. Air Liquide’s flexible systems may be easily adapted to any production requirement.


Mrożenie i chłodzenie kriogeniczne

A wide range of crust freezing equipment

Air Liquide has developed a wide range of reliable crust freezing equipment which are compact, easy to install, use, maintain and clean: