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Atmosfery kontrolowane

Controlled atmospheres

Controlling the atmosphere in storage warehouses by changing the chemical composition of air has a positive effect on extending shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

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Fruits and vegetables are produced only at specific time intervals, while their availability should cover a whole year. It is important to store these products under the right conditions so that they reach our tables in a fresh, not only frozen form.

In order to maintain the long freshness of fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to slow down the respiration processes, during which oxygen is burned, and carbon dioxide is released, together with water and heat energy.

Controlled atmosphere involves reducing the oxygen content in the warehouse due to higher level of nitrogen while the carbon dioxide content is decreased.

During the storage of fruits and vegetables, ethylene is also released, which affects the acceleration of maturation processes. It is important to keep its value as low as possible while products are stored.

In addition, you can control the temperature, humidity, pressure, or the level of solar irradiation to maximize the expected effect.

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